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HeartCentred Coaching

Listen With Your Heart Not Your Fear

My passion is supporting my clients to live their life from their heart which is why I call myself, a HeartCentred Teacher. I guide my clients to do things for themselves that no one else on the planet can do for them.


My clients will touch something very special that lies within themselves …their hearts. From my point of view, as long as you are breathing, you can pour your energy into your own body, mind and heart, and discover important messages about your own life that you may not have noticed or that for some reason you have ignored until now. 


The heart is literally the pulse of life in us, and when we start paying attention to our inner experience, we discover that there are certain thoughts or feelings, or situations that the subconscious mind seems to want to hold on to.


If they are pleasant, we try to prolong these thoughts or feelings or situations. Similarly, there are many thoughts and feelings and experiences that we try to get rid of or prevent ourselves from having because they are unpleasant, painful or frightening, in one way or another, and we want to protect ourselves from them.


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I guide my clients on how to pay attention to what lies within themselves so that they can discover new ways of living, not only from within but with those around them. 


We live our lives on auto-pilot and are constantly on the go or on the run. We can feel overwhelmed by our schedules, our responsibilities and our roles at times, even when everything we are doing is important, even when we have chosen to do them all. We live in a world of constant doing.


We compare ourselves to others or look outside ourselves for guidance but it is impossible to become somebody else. The only way to be is to become more fully yourself. We do this by tuning into our problems, and not running away from them. HeartQuest is about taking responsibility for being ourselves, learning to listen to and trust our own being. The more you can cultivate this trust in yourself, the easier you will find it will be to trust other people more and to see their goodness as well.


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