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Soul Contract

Soul Contract PDF Reports

These fascinating Reports reveal your present life purpose, and exactly where your karma is leading you next to make this life the best it can be.


Please note that this service DOES NOT cover Current Names, Name Overlay Readings, Name Changes or Phonetic versions of non-English names. It provides the complete set of interpretations and recommendations for each of the seven aspects of your Soul Contract.

At this price point it DOES NOT provide a personalized reading. A live reading, at a higher price point, is required for that. This is where I will assess where you are in your life in the present moment and answer your specific questions related to the challenges you currently face. Then I will take you from this place and come up with focused strategy on how to move forward. Something that is not possible with the automated Soul Contract Reports system.

It is very important to follow the step by step process outlined in Understanding Your Soul Contract Report in order to understand and make the most of your Report and to work out how far you have progressed through your Soul Contract. Reading the Report as a standalone document is not sufficient to achieve this.

There are 2 types of Reports:

Summary Birth Reading $25

A single page written PDF report showing you chart with your numbers and symbols, which together deliver the energic transmission to you (see Sample).

Full Birth Reading $124

60-100 pages in-depth written PDF report which includes general core interpretations of your enegeries and recommendations to overcome your karma/challenges.


You can upgrade to a friend and family or a live Reading.

Sample Summary Birth Report
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