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Almerinda has worked with individuals from different social backgrounds and relational family situations. Here is a sampling of what some of them had to say about HeartQuest services, which she shares with heartfelt gratitude:

What people say...


My sessions with Almerinda were very powerful! We went very deep and uncovered core issues that are important for me to work on. Thank you for your help in moving me forward toward a deeper understanding of those issues that had previously been hidden to me.


I really enjoy my sessions with Almerinda. Through our sessions, I have been able to go deep and discover what is really going on in my subconscious mind. Almerinda has helped me clear old beliefs that had me stuck in a rut. This is really important for me in order to create the changes that I desire in my life. I come prepared with an issue I am struggling with and by the end of the session, I always walk away feeling peaceful and more grounded than when I came in.  Almerinda is a very warm and trusting person. I always feel comfortable opening up to her and we have done a lot of great work on myself. Almerinda is always very professional and I really enjoy working with her. I plan to continue my sessions with Almerinda to help me clear old beliefs so I can continue to create the life of my dreams. Thank you so much, Almerinda for helping me and I am so grateful for all the work we have done together.


Almerinda is one of the most patient and kind individuals I have ever met. We met through circumstance, and she helped, guided and explored all possibilities with me, through a difficult situation. Almerinda listened and offered advice in a way that I was able to find my own path to healing.

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